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The purpose of the Navigation section is to help you use Site Help topics are listed on the left side of the page. To read about a topic, click on the section name for that topic. Each section contains links at the top. Click on any link to go directly to that part of the section.

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Things to Know...
  • Page Refresh Some fields are related to each other in such a way that when you enter a value into a field, the entire page automatically refreshes (updates) itself in order to fill other fields. When the page refreshes, your screen might blink, but is normal and does not mean there is a problem.
  • Yellow Triangle - The yellow triangle symbol will appear at the top of the page if a correction is needed. Next to the yellow triangle, you will see a message explaining the problem and how to correct it. Lower on the page, the field in error will also be marked with a yellow triangle.
  • Red Asterisk - Fields which have a red asterisk (*) beside them are required. You must enter information in these fields before you can continue.
  • Help - A Help link is included in the top right corner of most pages. Clicking this link will open a new window that contains information about how the page works. When you are finished using Help, close the Help window (by clicking the X in the top right corner, or the Close this Browser link at the bottom) to return to the previous page.
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The purpose of the Registration section is to get your information into so that you are able to post jobs and find job seekers. You must have a valid TWC Tax Account Number, FEIN related to a valid TWC Tax Account Number, or valid existing WorkInTexas account to register yourself with If you do not have any of these, contact your nearest Workforce Solutions Office for registration assistance.

If you're the first person to set up the account, the Registration section collects information about you, your company, and the type of business your company conducts. If someone else has created the account, you only have to provide your personal information and select the account to join.

After you have completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation page that contains links to pages where you can post job openings, search for job seekers, add additional users to your employer account, or create other employer accounts.

  • The first person to logon to from your company will become the "Security Administrator" for your company's account and will receive all permissions available to employers, including administrative permissions to grant access to other users.
  • The Security Administrator can either set up the additional company users and assign temporary passwords, or the other users can self-register and the Security Administrator can then grant them update permissions. To create additional users, click the "Set Up Other Account Users" link from your confirmation page, or click the Account Maintenance tab. If additional users self-register, the Security Administrator" will be notified on their home page to grant the appropriate permissions for the new registrants.
  • Subsequent users who self-register will receive "View Only" permission until the Security Administrator grants additional permissions.
  • The Security Administrator can define other users as additional Security Administrators by selecting the user from the Summary of Users page, editing the permissions for that user, and checking the "Add/Edit Employer User" and/or "Reset Employer Password" permissions under Administrative Permissions.

Employer Accounts
If you are a small employer, then you probably will want to have only one employer account for all of your job postings. If you are a large employer, you may want to define multiple employer accounts to keep job postings and user administration separate for different divisions or units. You can have multiple employer accounts tied to one TWC Tax Account Number or FEIN. will track the relationship between the accounts, but each account will have separate user administration and separate sets of job postings.

You can define new Employer Accounts by clicking the Maintain Account tab at the top of the page, selecting Manage Employer Accounts in the left menu, and then clicking on the Add New Employer Account link. Back to Top