The Home Page

The Home Page

The Home Page is the first page you see after you logon to The purpose of the Home Page is to provide you a "home base" from which you can access any part of the system.

Find Job Posting
The Find Job Posting section allows you to easily find a specific job posting by either the system Job Posting ID or your own internal Employer Posting No. A full listing of your postings is available by clicking on the Post/Match Jobs tab.

Find Job Seekers
The Find Job Seekers section allows you to search for job seekers. You can do this by activating a search that you have used before and saved, or by browsing for job seekers based on criteria you select rather than matching against job postings you have entered.

What is the difference between Browse Job Seekers and Post/Match Jobs? In general, if you have a vacancy that you are trying to fill, you should use the Post/Match Jobs tab at the top to find job seekers. Use Browse Job Seekers if you want to get a quick feel for the number of job seekers available at different pay rates, etc.

Another advantage of using Post/Match Jobs instead of Browse Job Seekers is that new job seekers will be able to see your open job if it is posted. Also, you can elect to get email notices when new job seekers match on your job posting.

Post/Match Jobs allows you to enter a variety of occupational experience or education that you would like job applicants to have. For example, you can match on people who have experience as Accountants, Budget Analysts, or Financial Analysts.

Maintain Account
The Maintain Account section allows you to change, update, or add to your account(s), your account users, and your company's registration information. This section only displays if you have administrative permissions for your employer's account in

Workforce Solutions Office Events
The Workforce Solutions Office Events section displays the activity calendar for your preferred Workforce Solutions Office. The purpose of the calendar is to keep you informed of your Center's organized functions, like job fairs, that you think would be helpful. It will only show you functions that target employers or the general public.

The Bulletins section displays informational messages that may include changes to functionality, important and breaking job market news, or scheduled system maintenance or office closures. Bulletins are intended to keep you up to date with job and system news. The bulletin section will only display if current bulletins exist.

Edit Your Subscriptions is a link in the Maintain Account section. Subscriptions are newsletters that provide you with information that will help you fill your jobs, retain your workforce, and keep current on other related news and events. You can choose to be notified of new subscription releases by email or simply view them from your home page. The Subscriptions section displays the newest releases for those publications to which you have subscribed. To unsubscribe, simply click on the link that displays on the subscription page. Back to Top

Job Posting Activity

The purpose of the Job Posting Activity section is to help you manage your job postings. This section shows your newest job postings as well as those that are about to close. It provides you with a snapshot of your most recent account activity and those jobs that have been in the system the longest and may need your attention. A full list of all your job postings is available on the Post/Match Jobs tab.

In addition to the list of old and new job postings, this section allows you to see at a glance which jobs have been getting activity, which have not, and offers the option to run a quick match on open job postings. Click on the link under Job Title to view or update your job posting. Back to Top