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The purpose of the My Interested List section is to maintain a list of the job seekers that you have reached out to or that have reached out to you regarding a specific job posting. The list of job seekers you see depends on which job posting you choose. This list gives you one place in where you can easily reference and view all Contacts made on all your jobs. The list is designed to allow you to focus on finding potential employees while the system automatically does your record keeping for you.

Contacts also have an associated status. This Status displays your current interest level in each job seeker and/or the current position availability of the job. You (the employer), job seekers, and staff can all update the status of a Contact. Updating this status is also referred to as Managing Your Contacts. Back to Top

Manage Contacts

The purpose of the Managing Your Contacts section is to enable you, job seekers, and staff know whether a job is available or not. This way, you will not waste time on a job seeker that you are not interested in, and job seekers can do the same. It lets you know where you stand with the job seeker and where the job seeker stands with you.

When first made, all Contacts display in Pending status but can then be updated to any of the following:
  • Hired
  • Not Hired
  • Did Not Accept Job
  • Did Not Report For Interview
  • Did Not Report For Work
  • Job Seeker Not Interested
  • Job Seeker Not Available
  • Employer Not Interested
  • Found Work
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