Browse Job Seekers

Browse Job Seekers

One purpose of the Browse Job Seekers section is to allow you to do an ad hoc search to see what job seekers are available, without spending much time entering excessive amounts of information. Select as many or as few search criteria as you like. Browses will only use the information you choose in this section; they will not use information from job postings that you have entered.

This feature allows you to do keyword searches for specific job titles or job duties, test potential match results before posting a job, or recruit applicants that may not meet your formal matching criteria but may be qualified for your job. For example, if you require a driver's license for the job posting and the job seeker did not provide information about their license, it would prevent a match on your posting. If they have the required experience and education, you could find them in Browse Job Seekers and contact them for more information.

If running a match on a job posting produces no results, or if you get results you do not expect, the Browse Job Seekers feature may help you determine why. This feature allows you to easily change your search criteria so that you may see what experience, pay requirements or other criteria job seekers have and how it differs from what you are offering on your job posting.

The Browse search criteria are generally broader and less restrictive than those used for matching. Because of this, it may provide you with a list of results that your job postings might not ordinarily match. However, the more information you enter, the better and more focused your search results will be.

Browse Job Seekers allows you to search for job seekers:
  • In related occupations
  • In different occupations
  • In different locations (ZIP Codes)
  • In different pay ranges
  • With different shift or work duration preferences
  • With specific work experiences or skills
  • In a specific industry

Contacting Job Seekers
To contact a job seeker found through a Browse, you must be registered with and logged on to and have a job posting in the system. To view the job seeker's contact information, you will have to associate that job seeker with a job posting. This allows to maintain a complete list of your Job Contacts so that you may accurately see whom you have contacted or who has contacted you at any given time. Back to Top

Exploring the Job Market

Another purpose for the Browse Job Seekers section is to allow you to research the labor pool. This is helpful if your company is considering locating or relocating to a specific part of the state, or if you need to know about job seekers availability, skill level, or pay range in your area or other areas. By selecting an occupation and the ZIP Code of the area you are interested in, you can see how many job seekers are available and what skill level and requirements they have. Back to Top