Maintain Account

My Personal Information

The Personal Information section provides one place where you can view and update all your personal and contact information. This is the information that your Security Administrator will use to contact you.

When you post a job and you enter the contact information, you can enter a different phone number, address, etc. for the posting's contact information, which job seekers will see. For example, you may want job seekers to send all resumés to a separate P.O. Box, or to call a separate number so that your secretary can pre-screen your calls. Back to Top

Change My Password

This section is where you may change your password and/or reset your security question and answer. If you want to update your password only, disregard the security question/answer section and vice versa. Back to Top

Manage Employer Accounts

This only displays if you have the appropriate administrative permissions. If you are a small employer, then you probably will want to have only one employer account for all of your job postings. If you are a large employer, you may want to define multiple employer accounts to keep job postings and user administration separate for different divisions or units. You can have multiple employer accounts tied to one TWC Tax Account Number or FEIN. will track the relationship between the accounts, but each account will have separate user administration and separate sets of job postings.

You can define new Employer Accounts by clicking the Maintain Account tab at the top of the page, selecting Manage Employer Accounts in the left menu, and then clicking on the Add New Employer Account link.

The purpose of the Managing Employer Accounts section is to allow you to view a list of the accounts for your company and your permissions on those accounts (view only, add job postings, run matches and make contacts, security permissions). If you have security permissions, you can also see information about other users from this page. Back to Top

Manage User Accounts

This only displays if you have the appropriate administrative permissions. The purpose of the Managing Account Users section is to allow you to view all individuals who belong to your employer accounts and have s access to Different users may have different accesses, or "permissions", including:
  • Job Posting Permissions - view only, add job postings, run matches and make contacts
  • Security Permissions - edit employer account, add users, and reset user passwords

Permissions determine what work a user can do with the account. The Security Administrator defines permissions. The first person to register the employer in is a Security Administrator. They can define additional Security Administrators by selecting the user from the Summary of Users page, editing the permissions for that user, and checking the "Add/Edit Employer User" and/or "Reset Employer Password" permissions under Administrative Permissions.

The Summary of Users page provides a list of the account users and allows Security Administrators to easily access and update any of their information, permissions, or add or remove them. Users with the three-prong crown next to their name have all available administrative permissions on the account. Back to Top