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My Home Page

The My Home Page is the first page you see after you logon to The purpose of the Home Page is to provide you a “home base” from where you can access any part of

Message Board

The Message Board section provides alerts (special messages) designed to let you know about your account and how it is working for you. These alerts link to other sections that will show you matches made to your personal account by or by employers. There are three types of alerts that display:

The Bulletins section displays messages that are automatically distributed to you. These are informational messages that usually concern changes in how a part of works or important and breaking job market news. Bulletins are intended to keep you up to date with job and system news.

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The Subscriptions section displays those publications to which you have subscribed. Subscriptions are newsletters that provide you with information on a wide variety of subjects and are available to you to select those you feel might be beneficial. The newsletters are intended to give you information that will help you find, get, and keep a job. The Subscriptions section will not display unless you have subscribed to at least one subscription.

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Personal Information

The Personal Information section provides you with one place where you can access and update information related to yourself, your personal profile, and your logon password. The links in this section will take you to the appropriate sections of where you can:

Other personal information may be accessed through the My Portfolio page.

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Workforce Center Events

The Workforce Center Events section provides you a view of the activity calendar for your preferred Workforce Center. The purpose of the calendar is to keep you informed of your Center's organized functions so that you can attend those activities that you think would be helpful.

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Job Search

The Job Search section allows you to find and view jobs by:

This section also gives you links to the:

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