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My Portfolio

The purpose of the My Portfolio page is to consolidate all profile, resumé/application and job matching processes into one page which is easily accessed by you.


The purpose of the Profile section is to give you a place to access and update all information related to yourself, your personal profile and your logon password. The links in this section take you to the appropriate sections of where you can update or change:

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Resume & State of Texas Application

The purpose of the Resumé & State of Texas Application section is to help you enhance your resumé and/or prepare your State of Texas Application for applying to state agency jobs. A Resume Wizard and State of Texas Application Wizard are available to help you through the process one step at a time or, if you choose, you may update each section individually. Most information collected through the Resume is displayed on the State of Texas Application but there is additional information required for the State Application collected through the State of Texas Application Additional Details page. After registration your resumé is available for employers to view. You must complete the Additional Details page and select for your State of Texas Application to be made available to employers before state agency and university employers may view it.

Tips for Creating A Resume
Your resumé is made up of several sections that can display to employers. The more information you provide, the better your chances are of matching jobs. Some of these items will be found in the Profile and Job Matching sections of the My Portfolio page.

Viewing Your Resume and Setting Resume Preferences
When viewing/printing your resumé, you can select what fields display. You can also designate what information to display when employers view it although some are required items. Select View/Print Resume or Application to view and/or print your resumé and Resume Preferences to edit information displayed to employers.

Tips for Creating a State of Texas Application
A State of Texas Application can be created in by combining information collected for the resumé and the State of Texas Application Additional Details page.

Viewing your State of Texas Application
Your application will display in the standard State of Texas Application format. In most cases you do not need to print, sign, and mail a copy to the employer because they can print a copy and have you sign it at the time of the interview. Select View/Print Resume or Application to view and/or print your State of Texas Application.

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Job Matching

The purpose of the Job Matching section is to allow you to identify the different types of work and work situations that you are interested in. Once you have identified the work in which you are interested, you can use that information to match your skills to jobs, and let employers match their jobs to you. Entering information for all items in this section will give you a complete matching profile and the best chance to match your skills with available jobs.

The information used for matching (and which makes up your matching profile) includes:

Running a Match
The Match Jobs section is where you initiate a job match. When a match is run, you will immediately get a list of jobs that match your skills, experience, and education background, as well as your pay preference and job location requirements, with available jobs. The list of jobs will allow you to find out more about each job, obtain contact information if you are interested in applying for a job, as well as a way to remove a job from the list if you are not interested in a particular job.

Improving Your Match Results
If you run a match and do not get the results you want or expect, there are some things you can do to improve your results. There are options to broaden or narrow your match criteria depending on how many matches you get. You may want to consider changing or updating your matching profile by:

You may want to research the occupations you have selected to ensure that they truly are what you want. This research can be done from your personal Job Match Summary page or Career Tools page in On the Job Match Summary page, you can read about the occupation, find out the average pay for jobs in that field, and learn about other related occupations in which you also may be interested.

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