Public Safety Officer I

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General Information

Job Posting ID 5371936 Creation Date Oct 19, 2018
Employer Posting No --- Closing Date Jan 28, 2019
Job Site Address WOODWAY, Texas 76712 Employer Type Private Sector
Openings 1

Job Description

General Definition: Performs law enforcement, crime prevention, fire suppression, fire prevention, and rescue duties on an assigned shift, and performs related other duties as
assigned by the Department Head or designee. May be assigned as School Resource Officer.

Supervision Received: Work is performed under general supervision of a Public Safety Captain and lead of a Public Safety Sergeant.

Supervision Exercised: Only as assigned by departmental policy.

Examples of Duties: Patrols an assigned area to prevent crime, accidents, and fires and to enforce laws and ordinances. Responds to emergency calls, fire calls, rescue calls, and routine calls and complaints and takes actions as necessary. Makes arrests, issues citations, directs traffic, investigates traffic accidents and crimes against persons and property. Gathers and labels evidence and other property, takes photographs and finger prints. Questions witnesses and suspects and takes statements and depositions. Guards and transports prisoners and persons unable to care for themselves, such as mentally ill or disturbed. Testifies in court. Connects and carries fire hoses, carries and sets up ladders; directs water and chemicals on burning structures, vegetation, vehicles, and other objects; ventilates buildings, conducts salvage operations, effect rescue, administers emergency medical aid. Operates fire suppression equipment and devices. Keeps records of activities and makes reports concerning crimes, fires, complaints, accidents and investigations. Performs maintenance on vehicles, equipment and facilities. Addresses
and works with community groups to promote good public relations, crime prevention and fire prevention; participates in crime and fire prevention inspections and educational programs. Participates in and performs duties in civil defense/preparedness activities as assigned by the City Emergency Preparedness Plan. Perform security at school campuses.


Knowledge: Knowledge of the principles, methods, and practices used in crime
prevention, patrol activities, and criminal investigation; knowledge of federal, state, and local law as it relates to municipal public safety; knowledge of departmental policies, rules and regulations; knowledge of emergency medical procedures; knowledge of basic medical terminology; knowledge of fundamentals of water hydraulics; knowledge of human anatomy, pathology and physiology principles; knowledge of interviewing techniques and methods; knowledge of safety regulations applicable to the operation ofmotor vehicles; knowledge of basic firefighting techniques; knowledge of basic self defense
techniques; knowledge of weapon handling techniques.

Skills: Skill to communicate in writing; skill to communicate orally; skill in reading and interpreting maps; skill in performing work requiring strength and agility in all weather conditions; skill in preventative and minor maintenance repair on equipment; skill in interpreting statutes, ordinances, codes and policies; skill in operating pneumatic power tools and equipment; skill in driving emergency vehicles; skill in assessing patientís condition through vital signs, patient appearance and patient self-reporting; skill in recognizing and responding to complications associated with accidents, cardiac arrests,
etc.; skill in using hand tools to perform manual labor tasks; skill in maintenance and operation of air and oxygen breathing equipment.
Abilities: Ability to analyze public safety problems and to plan corrective policies and procedures; establish and maintain effective working relationships; prepare accurate, detailed reports; and to communicate effectively with the public. Ability to respond to call-backs and remain on-call; perform extensive physical activities; ability to lift weight in excess of 150 pounds; work in all types of weather conditions; and to perform highly hazardous work; ability to obtain approval for bonding. Shoot a pistol, rifle, shotgun, or other weapon; discharge tear gas canisters when needed and demonstrate competent
weapons proficiency. Clean and maintain duty weapons. Use a baton to control hostile subjects. Perform defensive and/or other hand-to-hand combat tactics. Display proficiency in officer survival and safety tactics. Physically restrain individuals in the following circumstances; mutual combat, pushing or shoving (crowd control), those under the influence of hallucinogens or other behavior altering drugs, those suffering from psychosis or other violent mental disorders. Wrestle with hostile subject. Physically hold unwilling subjects until help arrives. Apply handcuffs to unwilling subjects. Physically take away knives, guns, clubs, or other weapons from aggressive subjects. Physically assist drunks in walking, entering police car. Forcefully grab subjects by the arm to lead them away. Search persons/vehicles for weapons, evidence and contraband. Search buildings in dark or low-light conditions. Search storm sewers, tunnels for suspects/missing persons. Use forced entry techniques such as breaking down doors. Conduct foot patrol. Chase suspects for extended distances (over 100 yards) over adverse terrain e.g., rugged fields, alley ways, over fences, etc. Run up and down flights of stairs to assist other officers or apprehend subjects. Break up fights between/among prisoners; citizens at bars, restaurants, athletic events, other public places and events.
Carry or drag injured persons, reluctant protesters and sit-down strikers from protest area. Climb buildings, crawl through windows, climb ladders, walk on rooftops to search for criminal entry, evidence or suspects. Walk door to door and long distances (over ľ mile) to search for missing persons/suspects/evidence; may include searching difficult areas, e.g. woods, creeks, constructions sites, etc. Participate in stakeouts in confining or
uncomfortable areas
Supervisory Experience Required No
Pay Starts at $45,760.00 / YR
Shift Rotating Duration Regular
Workweek Full Time
Veterans Only No
Federal Contractor No
Eagle Ford Shale Job No
Is this job related to Hurricane Harvey Clean-up/Restoration? No

Job Requirements

Occupation Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers
Minimum Experience and Education  0 yrs   0 mos and High School Diploma/GED

- OR -

Occupation Police Patrol Officers
Minimum Experience and Education  0 yrs   0 mos and High School Diploma/GED

- OR -

Occupation Transit and Railroad Police
Minimum Experience and Education  0 yrs   0 mos and High School Diploma/GED

- OR -

Occupation Security Guards
Minimum Experience and Education  0 yrs   0 mos and High School Diploma/GED

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Job Title Public Safety Officer I
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Job Closing Date Jan 28, 2019
Open Until Filled No

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